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Mice removal has become a pressing cause of distress for people in the Dallas area. Whether you suspect a mice infestation in your house or office, when you look for a mouse exterminator near me, make sure you call in a professional service that guarantees 100% mice removal like us.

The mice removal techniques we use at All About Rodents are proven methods that do not use Old Fashioned Snap Traps, Glue Boards or Poisons. No Dead Mice in your home or business!

You need us if:

• If you are hearing noise in the attic.

• You are tired of trying to figure out where in the walls that pestering noise is coming from.

• It is getting to be too much. Those droppings appear just about everywhere during the night and you just want to get rid of that mouse.

• You keep wondering if it is just one mouse or a full-on mice infestation?

• Not getting results with self help methods.

• Wanting Permanent Mouse Removal; not just Mouse Control.

If you are in any one of these scenarios, call us today on 469-607-7684 for guaranteed mice removal from your residential and commercial premises


A mice infestation is something you definitely do not want in your house or any other structure. Once the mice settle in, you will start seeing droppings all around the place usually waiting for you in the morning, as mice come out of their nests at night to look for food.

You will also hear sounds out of the walls - pesky scratching sounds at all times of the day – sounds that are noticeable and might embarrass you if you have guests.

A mice infestation can take many forms, owing to the fact that mice can nest in a number of places as long as those are enclosed spaces, concealed, not easily accessible by big animals, and usually avoided by humans. This might include your attic, basement, and even the sewers around your doorstep.


When it comes to mice nest removal, we are your go-to team; we inspect your house thoroughly. This includes following the signs (droppings, scratches, loose boards, etc.),  removing the pests, sanitizing the nesting area, deodorizing the vulnerable parts of your premises, and sealing off all of the possible entry points effectively. 100% Guaranteed Removal.


We have a set of streamlined protocols to take care of your mice problem.

• Once you call us, we will set up a visit to your premises for a free-of-charge examination and cost analysis.

• Our mouse exterminator will visit your house or business on the appointed day and time and request access to where you have seen or heard signs of a mice infestation. They will also examine all of the usual places for a mouse nest and give you a detailed breakdown of the work and costs involved.

• At your convenience, our expert team of mice exterminators will show up on your doorstep and do our magic.

• All complete services (services with Exclusion) come with an Annual Renewable Guarantee.

To get guaranteed mice removal, call us today on 469-607-7684

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